Kicka Pix Photography: Blog en-us (C) Kicka Pix Photography [email protected] (Kicka Pix Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Kicka Pix Photography: Blog 80 120 Oh Baby Since my own "baby" was approaching 8 years old, I felt a little out of practice photographing babies.  The mother in me reminded the photographer in me that babies just need love, warmth and mama's breast.  We gave little Onnalise an overdose of all three.  She was the perfect little model.  Her big brother Z was so sweet and gentle with his new baby sister and such a handsome little dude. 

Did I mention the pets?  Whenever I do a photo shoot where humans and animals are involved, the animals always feel left out if I don't give attention to them too. 

Well did I mention they have SIX?

Unfortunately I couldn't get them all to pose for a group photo, but I do have wicked Photoshop skills.  Hmmm....

More sleeping shots, see, doesn't she cooperate nicely?  

Shameless plug for Brengman Brothers, it makes a GREAT baby gift.

One more cute one of her modeling her cow outfit...

And one more of her modeling one of my friend's handmade hats (Pink-a-Dot Tots in El Dorado Hills, CA)...

But wait, there's more...DAD!  I've yet to meet a father of a newborn who says "I WANT MY PHOTO TAKEN TOO!"  This time was no exception.  :)  I used my coercive and threatening powers on dad to get this awesome shot.  

Ok, I promise these are the last ones.  Love this gorgeous one of mama and baby.  Awww....

"Let ​her sleep, for when she awakes, she'll move mountains"

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Can I Just Say "Thank You"? I've been in the pro photography biz for 8 years now and it's been nothing short of painstaking/amazing/throw in the towel/heartwarming/magical.  Believe me, I only do this because I LOVE my clients.  Just when I think I've overstayed my welcome and I'm ready to go back to the engineering world, something slaps me in the face and keeps me "keepin' on".   If you have known me longer than 8 years (or even less), you know I put 101% of myself into everything I do, and wear ALL my emotions on my sleeve.  This year has been rough.  I see the babies that I photographed 8 years ago and realize they are not babies anymore.  IT.CRUSHES.ME.  This part time photog biz has turned into something I could have never predicted...a lesson in life.  But surely MY kids haven't grown, right?  RIGHT?  Sadly they have.  I'd rather watch children grow through my own lens...something that I control.  Considering everything...there is nothing I'd rather do than what I'm doing now....spending time with my family AND photographing life.  Looking forward to 2016 and all the chaos, madness, LOVE and moments that it brings.  Thanks to all my AMAZING clients who teach me more about life everyday.  #passion #purpose #nostoppingme #kickapixphotography


Thank you to ALL my amazing clients who give me a reason to follow my passion.  You know who you are. :)





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Family Session - The Andersons Stop the insanity! (or gorgeousness, or beautiful soulness). These guys are the real deal. Thanks for introducing me to your backyard hidden oasis for all trespassers to enjoy.  

It was surely magical! 

smile emoticonIt was surely magical! smile emoticonIt was surely magical!

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